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2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs - Term is that with the future glide display, Ford will expose extra changes to the next 2014 Ford Raptor. Said changes may consist of as much as 700 weight of weight-loss. For now all we can do is seriously hold out to see what other changes, developments and/or technical developments Ford will be introduction at the future Lunch.

Like some unique activities vehicles, the Raptor looks almost as awesome status still as it does in movement. Seeing a Raptor in a automobile car park is not quite as interesting as seeing one spider up a strong pathway, but it will still sketch people in with its competitive look. Although the Unique Version does not provide any new ability off-road, it does allow entrepreneurs to take a place out with unique design on an already special automobile.

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs

2014 Ford Raptor Exterior
Ford will provide two external colour options for the Unique Version Raptor. Dark red Red Metal is available only on the Unique Version. The second choice is Tux Dark, which is already available for the 2013 Raptor. Only the Unique Version gets strong Raptor design used to its bed factors.

2014 Ford Raptor Interior

Inside, the Unique Version 2014 Ford Raptor gets a 2-tone treatment in black and a demure brick-red shade. Sitting is black, outlined by red, for the increases and headrests. A honeycomb-pattern fabric covers the system and middle collection, and also provides over to the entrance board places.

2014 Ford Raptor Powertrain

The Raptor is available as either an extended-cab SuperCab or 4-door SuperCrew. Both package a lot of off-road devices, plus a big, 411-horsepower V8 under the bonnet. To get the Unique Version, you will also need to choose the High-class Program. For the 2013 design season, it contributes about $4,760 to the cost of a Raptor and contains routing, dual-zone automated heating and cooling, power chairs with storage and a back-up photographic camera. Ford has not yet declared costs for the 2014 Raptor.

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date, Price & Specs

2014 Ford Raptor Features

Ford will also be talking about their conversion into the Ford Transportation and Transportation Link next-generation navy of automobiles that offer/with major gas mileage and application. Another hot subject will be the organizations place the automobile classification and how they will sustain flexibility to provide a wide variety of sectors. Ford has prolonged out to a variety of sectors such as the Ford F-Series work automobiles used in Florida along with a San Paul Nation Flame Power F-150 SVT Raptor save automobile and F-150 EcoBoost Area automobiles used by the countries biggest carrot manufacturer Grimmway Farm’s.

2014 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

Meanwhile some gossips informed that 2014 Ford Raptor Release date will be in delayed this season. You can contact qualified investors of the Ford to find out more about the 2014 Ford Raptor cost. There is no objective why you should be gradually skipped when it comes to the high-class and pleasure that comes with Ford automobiles. This car is made in a way that they will provide you even more than you expected. We guarantee that we will upgrade soon after Ford declares 2014 Ford Raptor Release date.

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