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2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date - 2014 Ford Atlas idea came out at the Northern United states Worldwide Automatic Display, where the company has just declared a few rnaih blueprints that expose something far more extreme was being considered for this design.

2014 Ford Atlas also provides the style of the external and internal planning that is able to devote the development of recent pick-up car with innovative technological advancement reinforced in it. All the details of the style is also very stylish with the lines contemporary collections in it.

The 2014 Ford Atlas had its elite at the Northern United states Worldwide Automatic Display, and its overall look available on the industry is expected to be sometime later in the year.

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

The 2014 Ford Atlas was showed to prospective clients with some extreme changes, such as contemporary style of the external and internal, and innovative technological advancement. The primary goal of the United states car manufacturer was to help clients both in personal and professional life.

Also there is some information about new motor of this new car, as for the service train, the 2014 ford atlas will certainly be prepared with ecoboost motor with direct fuel hypodermic injection systems and turbocompresseur asking for. this new-technology motor can allow higher energy performance up to actually 20 % and co2 exhaust decrease up to actually 15 %. though, tdci duratorque 2. 2 l motor in this wonderful vehicle will certainly be operated by 150 hp and 375 nm of twisting. it will certainly be in addition to six-speed stick shift.

2014 Ford Atlas will come to us with a lot of style changes and enhancements. The first thing you notice are the large grill on the top side end that help this car to be streamlined. What exactly is new in the newest freight area is outlet 110 V, which is used for asking for electric powered resources. Ford Atlas also offers LED lighting on the returning and front side of the vehicle. The cup ceiling is another style advancement with which it can feature a new 2014 Ford Atlas. It is organized that 2014 Atlas is even 300 kgs less heavy than its forerunner because of the using of metal and other components in its produce.

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

2014 Ford Atlas Concept

2014 Ford Atlas F-150 Concept TDCi Duratorque motor operated with 2.2L VG Turbo able to produce a optimum twisting outcome of 375 Nm and energy outcome of 150 hp. It is bigger motor potential than 2013 Suzuki Maruti Alto K10 energy. By using a varying geometry turbo charger that allows more precise control of the stress power. This results in twisting at low rates of speed thus increasing energy and fuel-efficient slide. One litre of energy can be absorbed New Ranger for a range of 15.80 miles.

2014 Ford Atlas Review,Price & Release Date

2014 Ford Atlas Release date later when coming into the industry will be priced in the variety of $ 29,410 MSRP. The number budget was not much different from the cost of 2013 Ford F-150 which are both vehicle designs. This cost contains the cost of delivery to the place or location address of the individual. If future cost changes will be modified as soon as possible.

Design of 2014 Ford Atlas

The 2014 Ford Atlas will be 300 kg less heavy than the past design thanks to metal and other components used in its manufacturing. Some of the changes in the external style are: the cup ceiling, LED lighting both at the top side and returning and the large grill for better the rules of aerodynamics. There will also be a 110 V outlet in the freight area that will be used for asking for electric powered resources. Speaking of the internal, it will be the replacements of improvement, application and comfort. The 2014 Ford Atlas will be provided with slim and light and portable leather-bound front side chairs and more legroom for the travelers seated at the back chairs. Furthermore, it will feature some high tech like the main touchscreen technology, movie trailer back-up support, the 360-degree camera and powerful problem support offering visible hints and directing collections.

2014 Ford Atlas had its elite with the northern american worldwide automatic display, and its overall look that you can purchase is expected out to be sometime later within the whole year. The new ford atlas showed out to prospective clients with a perspective extreme changes also comprehensive of recent style of the external, external and innovative technological innovation. The most objective and objective of the american car manufacturer was out to accomplish clients each in experienced and for peronal life. below some images of new 2014 ford atlas that can you evaluate with the before style.

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